Latest Trends Of Indian Wedding Photography

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Wedding memories is always aware of the latest developments happening around in photography world. We always put our best to provide trendy photographs to our customers using the latest technology and giving them unique and alluring photographs.

Wedding memories are laying down some special trends that are nowadays trending in wedding photography. Best wedding photographer in Kanpur is informing our readers about the latest trends and also telling them ‘why’ they should hire wedding memories for their functions. Candid wedding photographer in Kanpur always tries to give our clients unique and latest photographs.

Prepare photo & selfie booth -Prepare separate photo and selfie both for selfie addict people arriving at the party, giving some special social media friendly background.

Shoot it in Editorial format -Take shots of the couple, like you would have been taken for any magazine. Make the things straight out of a magazine.

Shoot with drones -Use latest technology and take some special shots with drones – especially for distant shots covering whole decorations and grandeur.

Capture scenes with smoke bombs -Take snapshots of the bride and groom swirling around with colors created by using colored smoke bombs. Giving some caprice to pre-wedding shoots.

These new trends definitely give some novelty to Indian wedding photography.