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In photography it is not certain that in what type of lighting you will have to do photoshoot, it is possible that you go out for the shoot and after a while you get that weather has been changed and it is about to happen rain in a while and the light in the atmosphere has become more darker. If you are going for outdoor shoot the most annoying light is the direct sunlight which falls on your face and it does not allow you to work in daylight because of the high intensity of sunlight. Actually during photoshoot in sunny day camera attracts so much light and as a result the photographs appear awful due to overexposure of lights.

Wedding Memories have the best wedding photographer in Kanpur and they have done the photography in every condition so they know well how to tackle with the sunlight during day shoot. So in this blog Wedding Memories have brought you their experience regarding photoshoot in bright sunny day. Wedding Memories are sharing some helpful tips for newbie photographers by which they could get a better result in daytime photoshoot.

Tips by Wedding Memories

Shoot at sunrise and sunset: - - If it is required to shoot in the morning then choose the early morning time. Early morning time is the most suitable time to shot. The intensity of sunlight is not that harsh which can affect your photos and on the contrary it provides you great photos if you click pictures early morning because the intensity of sunrays are very soft during morning. In same way at the time of sunset when the sky starts changes color and you see the golden rays of sun that time is also good for photo shoot.

Filters: - Neutral density filter is the most recommended filter for day time photoshoot and if you are not getting proper output in your photographs then you can use the neutral density filter. The neutral density filter is used mainly to control the amount and exposure of light to enter on the camera. Neutral density filter is also referred to as ND filters. These filters are very useful when you are shooting a subject from a distance and the exposure rate is very high in that case you can use the ND filters it will control the exposure and provide you great results.

Shadows: - The most annoying thing in day time photoshoot is the shadow, but you can also use these shadows in your photographs. Instead of placing the subject at front of sun you click the picture when sun is behind the subject. In that case the shadows will not annoy you that much and you will get the great output in form of pictures.

Flash: Flash is also helpful if you are doing photo shoot in bright sunny day. It has been found that if you have a powerful flash then it can also beat the sunlight and it can be helpful to reduce the sunlight during photo shoot. You can also bounce the flash to decay the impact of sunlight during photo shoot. So flash can be life saver for you if you are not getting the desired result as you were expecting in your photo shoot. You can likewise utilize a wireless flash in your outdoor photo shoot.